WorkTravel Veterans: Sean Corbett, CraftyMachine

Sean Corbett, CraftyMachine

This post is one of a series of interviews with digital nomads, and their experiences (good and bad).

Name, company name?
Sean Corbett, CraftyMachine

Where are you from (city)?
Chicago, IL

What’s your job?
Product developer

How has traveling changed your business (for the better, for the worse)?
Traveling has forced me to be more efficient, flexible, and practical. It stretches my abilities and connects me with ambitious and skilled people.

How much do you work weekly (i.e., 40 hrs per week)?
30-60 hours a week.

How do you keep up relationships and look for new business while on the road?
I usually work on new products while I’m abroad and form deeper connections with new people.

When did you start (and possibly finish) working while traveling?
I started when I launched my first product,, in 2007. I’ve been incorporating work into extended travel periods since then.

Best place to travel?
Medellin, Colombia: great people, good prices, accessible community of traveling entrepreneurs.

Worst place to travel?
Hmm… I can’t think of one that was not a worthwhile trip 🙂

Dream trip still on the horizon?
Southeast Asia: Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, HongKong, Japan, China, etc. That’s probably three or four trips!

Biggest issue when working while traveling?
Getting into the groove of the place you are while keeping your work flowing.

What is your setup for working remotely?
Apple laptop, split keyboard, trackpad.

What are your travel tech must-haves?
Ample power cables and headphones, a good backpack with a laptop sleeve. I bring a few of each and leave one at home and bring one in my backpack.

Please share your website(s), Twitter, FB, or other URLs you’d like to share.

Anything else you’d like to share for those looking to work while traveling?
Plan for several days of getting settled when you land at a new place. Take a few weeks in each place so you can balance getting work done with experiencing the local people, culture, sights, and activities.

There are a lot of resources on the internet. The ex-pat communities are strong in a lot of places. Do some google searching!

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