WorkTravel Veterans: Valerie Stimac, Valerie & Valise

Valerie Stimac, Valerie & Valise

This post is one in a series of interviews with digital nomads, and their experiences (good and bad). If you’d like to be interviewed, shoot me an email

Next up is Valerie Stimac of Valerie & Valise.

Where are you from (city)?

Seattle, WA, USA

What’s your job?

I’m a freelance social media and community manager.

How has traveling changed your business (for the better, for the worse)?

Well, I love traveling, and I think that it has opened me up to be able to work with clients all over the world, rather than just in the Seattle area. But it is quite challenging to manage work alongside my blog (which is just a passion project). 

How much do you work weekly (i.e., 40 hrs per week)?

I usually work between 35 and 60 hours per week, depending on the week, what projects are going on, and my clients’ needs.

 How do you keep up relationships and look for new business while on the road?

I do a lot of emailing–even when I’m on the road, I want my clients to know I’m available on their usual schedule. I look for new business through managing those relationships and making friends. Most of my current clients came through networking rather than pitching, so that’s what I focus my energy on.

When did you start (and possibly finish) working while traveling?

I started working and traveling when my last full-time role ended as the company shut down in July 2014.

Best place to travel?


Worst place to travel?

I really enjoyed traveling to China, but from a work perspective it’s terrible–no social media means no job for me!

Dream trip still on the horizon?

New Zealand. All of it!

Biggest issue when working while traveling?

Staying motivated to work when some amazing thing is beckoning just outside the door.

What is your setup for working remotely?

I currently work from home (but am looking for a coworking space), so right now I work from wherever I’m staying, or a nearby coffee shop if I need the stimulation (and can get free wifi!).

What are your travel tech must-haves?

My iPhone 5S and my MacBook Pro are my two best friends. It’s a rare trip where I don’t bring my computer, because I also like to have full tech capabilities in case a crisis arises with a client and I need to be able to work with little notice.

Please share your website(s), Twitter, FB, or other URLs you’d like to share.

My travel site:



My professional site:

Anything else you’d like to share for those looking to work while traveling?

Begin practicing the skills you’ll need now! 

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