How to cafework like a pro


Ever since my first laptop some years ago, I was enchanted with the idea of working remotely. Working literally from ANYWHERE! Getting out from behind a desk is most cubicle-dwellers’ dreams, though the reality is a little different.

“Anywhere” usually meant that cafe that understands, who let you stay on for hours. Sure, I’ve heard beleaguered employees complain about “people who camp out,” and I’ve been that person at times, but I’m also the person who has lunch and several coffees, and, ok, a piece of cake, too. Plus tip. I realize when I’ve turned your cafe into a designer’s sweatshop, and appreciate it.

Cafework etiquette

Maybe it’s good manners, but I feel like it’s essential to be just as kind to your hosts as you would your clients (your favorite clients!). Here’s my take:

  1. Buy something. Even that $2 coffee makes you less of a mooch. You’re at a cafe, not the public library (though this is an excellent place to work, too!).
  2. Take precautions with your gear. There are some great ways to tether your laptop (in my next post I’ll share my favorite). You can always ask someone else, that wonderful cafe etiquette I’ve relied upon often, too.
  3. Take the Gordon Gecko-style loud chats outside. If you were Gordon, you’d have a nice office to speak as loudly as you’d like. Instead, give a little courtesy to your fellow cafe dwellers and keep it down.
  4. Take a break. This is as much for you as it is to free up some seats and try a different venue. I’ve also met some amazing people in both staff and other workers.

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