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Cambridge & Boston coworking: WorkBar & Idea Space

by Lisa GhisolfApril 30, 2015

Coworking spaces are the remote worker’s office—and sometimes much more. “It’s a place where members (and visitors!) can connect with people in complementary industries, tap into a variety of unique perspectives, and grow their businesses into successful companies,” says Lauren VanElsander Mearn, founder of Idea Space, a coworking space I was lucky to review in Boston.

Though I could only make it to two in my schedule, many have the usual amenities:

  • Fast, secure wifi
  • Printer, scanner, fax machine
  • Phone rooms
  • Meeting rooms of various sizes
  • Coffee and snacks in their kitchen spaces

The spots I visited highlight Boston’s entrepreneurial scene, and are a great resource for out-of-towners who need better facilities than their hotel provides. I’m hoping to keep profiling and sharing coworking spots for your (and my!) convenience as I come upon them.

Idea Space (867 Boylston Street, 5th Floor, Boston, MA) is a spot with many of the same amenities like a receptionist, in the Back Bay area. A day pass is $30, and a week is $100. There’s also part-time membership and other options for those not around for often, or for very long. It’s a clean space with some muted colors and an elegant vibe.

WorkBar (711 Atlantic Ave, Boston, MA) has been near the Boston South Station since 2012, and has a year-old Cambridge space as well. I loved the numerous bright spaces with different purposes—from the exercise bike/desk to a “fun” room to work in, and various conference rooms. They boast a full calendar of events and a network of nearby Boston and Cambridge locations in case the original two aren’t convenient. It’s $30/day, and $125/month with a 5-day week.

Even in my own city, I find the networking aspects most interesting, because it’s another opportunity to get tuned in to the local scene and possibly find vendors, clients or just great people? I’ll admit, I’ve tried the route and it was ok, but for getting more face time with people, coworking is the way to go.

Have a favorite coworking spot? Let me know in comments!
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