WorkTrach Veterans: Joy Brazelle of Klarna

This post is one of a series of interviews with digital nomads, and their experiences (good and bad). If you’d like to be interviewed, check out the interview

Name, company name?

Klarna (now), IBM and EMC Consulting (previously)

Where are you from (city)?

Myrtle Beach, SC

What’s your job?

Solutions Consultant

How has traveling changed your business (for the better, for the worse)?

Previous jobs encouraged meeting people face-to-face rather than webinars or calls. So I guess that is a good thing, except that traveling all the time can be a hassle.

When did you start (and possibly finish) working while traveling?

I have been traveling for work for almost 10 years.

Best place to travel?

Raleigh, NC, Stockholm, Sweden, Tampa, FL, Boston, MA (except for right now:)

Worst place to travel?


Dream trip still on the horizon?

Stockholm in the summer.

Biggest issue when working while traveling?

Miss family, friends and dog.

What is your setup for working remotely?

Laptop/cell phone/home office.

What are your travel tech must-haves?

Laptop/inflight wifi

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