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WorkTravel Veterans: Sarah Cash, The Cash Odyssey

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Name, company name?

Sarah Cash,

Where are you from (city)?

Boston, but really all over (7 states, 4 countries)

What’s your job?

Travel writer- currently

How has traveling changed your business (for the better, for the worse)?

My business is writing about my travels, so for me, the business started when I started traveling. In other words, I wouldn’t be doing this if I hadn’t started traveling long-term.

When did you start (and possibly finish) working while traveling?

My friend posted an application for writers for to my facebook page (or email…I can never remember). I applied, and now freelance for them, and other blogs as well. I’ve just begun to go down the rabbit hole, and I couldn’t be happier!

Best place to travel?

I won’t name a specific location, because for me, that’s always changing. Generally, places in which I can live for less than $20/day are high on my list, and often include cultures with which I am not as familiar. I studied intercultural relations, so any place I go to that allows me to connect more deeply with the people is the ‘best’ place to travel. And, of course, that ‘best’ place is going to be different for every person.

Worst place to travel?

The opposite of above! Expensive places with closed off people are the worst places to travel…I have a hard time thinking of a ‘worst’ place that fits that description, fortunately. I will say, however, that I detest ferries. They are Hell on waves. (I’m sure they’re fine for people with sea legs, but for the rest of us…)

Dream trip still on the horizon?


Biggest issue when working while traveling?

The biggest issue for me is to not feel guilty that I’m spending time NOT traveling in a destination that I’ve always wanted to be. I was in Paris recently, at a cute restaurant typing, and I reminded myself that Hemingway did this too (writing, NOT typing…), so I wasn’t being a workaholic. Plus, I love writing, so writing while traveling combines two of my biggest passions.

Sarah CashWhat is your setup for working remotely?

I am almost always writing (daily, at meals, in buses, trains, etc.) in a pocket-sized notebook with a finger-sized pen attached. About once a week, though this will probably increase in frequency soon, I type out my articles and edit them. I usually type in a more settled location, like a cafe or restaurant, or a hostel room.

What are your travel tech must-haves?

My smartphone is my biggest necessity. It’s my camera, travel planner, and connection to home all in one. I also travel with my tablet/laptop, which is my newest love, as it has an 11 hour battery life (not kidding). And my iPod, because what is life without music?

Please share your website(s), Twitter, FB, or other URLs you’d like to share.


Twitter: The Cash Odyssey @SCash37


Instagram: the_cash_odyssey

Anything else you’d like to share for those looking to work while traveling?

Make sure you know what your goals are for working while traveling. For me, I’ve already saved up some money to travel, so I work more for the pleasure and experience of putting out content than for money. You have to be realistic, and you will definitely have to revisit these goals on the road to ensure they are working for you.

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