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by Lisa GhisolfMay 7, 2015

Sometimes it feels like the hardest part of a work/travel day is finding a decent spot to work, with good wifi and an outlet or two. Thankfully, Darren Buckner has been thinking about this too.

“Before, it was hard to find good spaces to get work done as I moved around from city to city or even within a city,” Darren said in an email interview. “My hunch was enough people are working from non-traditional places now that a community could be built and our collective knowledge would allow us to surface great places all over the world.”

His hunch wasn’t bad, as over the last ten months, his site has grown to 19 cities, including Chicago just recently.

How do they develop so many cities? Community ambassadors guide Darren and his staff on featured areas, and recommending new sites.

“Our ambassadors only do amazing things 🙂 They connect us will people, places and passions in an area. They help source and verify great work spots and they provide momentum for expanded coverage. They also keep us excited and thankful on a daily basis.”

I know I’ve added a couple spots, and your own additions will just help this great resource grow.

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