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Come for the Chicago skyline, stay for the TILT

by Lisa GhisolfJuly 9, 2015

It’s been a long-standing Chicago insider trick to have a drink at the Signature Room to get the breathtaking views from the John Hancock building. Cheaper than the observatory and great ambience.

But following in the steps of the Sears Tower (sorry, it’ll never be Willis to me!), an observation deck cannot just be a place to observe a stunning skyline. It’s got to take things further.

Introduced in 2014, the Hancock’s new attraction, TILT, takes you to the edge—and then some. Unlike its taller cousin, you don’t walk out on a clear platform, but instead, a row of reinforced, shatter-proof glass and steel windows tilts out, giving you what their marketing people call “an adventurous angle” and a unique view of the city, 1,000 feet below.

There’s also a new cafe, bar, and of course, swag you can buy to remember your visit. I enjoyed the virtual video tours of various neighborhoods (yes, we’re more than just Michigan Avenue!) in the 360 CHICAGO “experience,” rounding out the tourist experience. It’s now $5 to visit, plus the cost of general admission to the observatory. I’d tell you more, but the photos really do the talking here!

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