Nine ways to digital nomad and enjoy North Dakota

North Dakota102 Maah Daah Hey by Brian Payne

North Dakota doesn’t first come to mind as a digital nomad hotspot, but the wide open plains, gorgeous scenery and burgeoning cities like Fargo make it a great place to get away from it all—and still stay connected.

I love the fact that North Dakota is in the top five best states for women entrepreneurs, with a boom in job growth that’s lasted over five years, and was named America’s happiest state last year. I kinda feel like they’re on to something, no?

Now, coming from the midwest, I’m more than acquainted with rolling fields of corn, so the attraction is searching out more of the ‘old west’ – but also unique urban finds and outdoor activities to counteract the laptop grind.

Northern Lights.

Without a doubt, I must see them! March and September are the best time to view these natural wonders, but they’ve been seen as late as the end of June this year.

North-Dakota-Horseback-Riding-JL lindseyTheodore Roosevelt National Park/Maah Daah Hey Trail.

Think wildlife, hiking, biking and horseback riding. Tall buttes, forestland and sweeping vistas with more than 80 miles of trails sound tempting, as does a mountain bike ride along the 140 miles of the Maah Daah Hey Trail, with campsites every 20 miles.

North_Dakota_Cities_Downtown_Fargo_JLDowntown Fargo.

city sounds ideal for a girls’ weekend or simply a place to shop, grab a great meal or tour the Plains Art Museum (I don’t know about you, but art museums are a must wherever I go).

I’ll need unique souvenirs to take home, so I’ll hit the Unglued Market for local artists’ works. And I want a rooftop view from Rhombus Guys, some fair trade coffee from Atomic Coffee and Wine Bar (because I’ll be working sooner or later!) and live music at the Red Raven. Just to name a few.

Photo courtesy of
Photo from Prairie Den Coworking


You didn’t think I’d forget, did you? Fargo boasts the new coworking spot, The Prairie Den and North Forks has EvolveND.

Earthlodge behind the Visitor Center. National Park Service photo by Craig Hansen
Earthlodge behind the Visitor Center. National Park Service photo by Craig Hansen

Knife River Indian Villages.

hour northwest of Bismarck, I want to learn the history of the Northern Plains Indians and check out the remains of the Awatixa Xi’e and Awatixa Villages. Hiking, birding and fishing await.

North-Dakota-Tourism-enchanted hwy-grasshopperRoadside art.

Americana doesn’t get much better than these bigger-than-life buffalo, grasshoppers, catfish and more, most of it along I-94.

fargo airFargo Air Museum.

With a new wing (is that a pun?) and myriad planes like the B-52 Mitchell, the Air Museum is sure to amaze little (and big) ones alike.

North_Dakota_Culture_Powwow_FPPRodeos and Powwows.

This is the real deal – real cowboys (and cowgirls!) hanging on for eight seconds. Or stirring powwows with Native American dancers and drummers; the September 10-13 United Tribes International Powwow features over 70 tribes!

minot_cvb_ScanHerParkScandinavian Heritage Park at Minot.

Hosting an amazing replica of a traditional Gol Stave church and an 18th century house transported from Norway, the park also plays host to an annual jazz fest and arts fest.

Photos from North Dakota Tourism unless otherwise noted.

I received compensation in exchange for writing this review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. ND is one of 8 states I have left to visit to get all 50 and I didn’t know much of anything about it…until reading this. Thanks for so many great trip ideas.

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