NGIN Workplace: Boston coworking

NGIN Workplace

Add another Boston-area coworking spot to the mix (you’ll recall I reviewed a couple others previously): I’m happy to share NGIN Workplace, located in Cambridge.

NGIN Workplace

The focus here is definitely on community, with breakfasts, yoga and cross fit sessions and happy hours, plus an internal platform to share skillsets. I love the healthy snacks and active sessions aspect — a big plus in a coworking space is meeting your ‘coworkers,’ not to mention getting some exercise.

“(And) if you’re ever in need of a break, challenge one of your coworkers or even one of the members from the NGIN team to Foosball, Beer Pong, Tennis, Jenga, or PS4,” says Joan da Haerne of NGIN. 

NGIN Workplace

They even have NGINTERNS and future entrepreneurs to help with your projects (probably needed when you’re off playing Foosball…).

Day passes are $30, and NGIN ON THE GO 5 (5 days to be used on a month) is $125. They’ve convenient to Kendall Square, at 210 Broadway, Suite 201, Cambridge MA 02141.

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