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Last Fiasco Run Snowboarding

This post by Lauren Rees of Last Fiasco Run is one of a series of interviews with digital nomads, and their experiences (good and bad). If you’d like to be interviewed, check it out

Last Fiasco Run I have never been good with money, that’s why it took me so long to finally leave my home country and travel.

I left England three years ago and I have been traveling ever since, working as I go. I have worked as a camp counsellor in America, in a nightclub on a ski season in Canada and as a bartender in Australia. I pick up jobs as I travel, to fund my next adventure. I have loved some of these jobs, however there have also been some that I really disliked, but each one has been an experience. 

Every job I have had, and I have had a few traveling, has enabled me to see the world and meet people from all over the globe. It does mean that I get stuck in one place for a while, until I have enough money to move on, but it also means that I get fully immersed in that country’s culture. Even if I am spending my day cleaning rich people’s luxury ski cabins, or serving cheeky drunk people beers; working as I travel has allowed me to have some amazing experiences. I once worked on top of a mountain in a restaurant and after a long day of work, I would snowboard home.

Sure it would make life so much easier if I just had a large sum of money in my bank account, but I don’t think I would have had as many random and incredible experiences, and met some of the inspiring and amazing people that I have.

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