Serendipity, the Women’s Museum and the Liberty Station Public Market crown San Diego trip

Liberty Station in San Diego

So many of my travels end up being serendipitous: There are things I must see, but I always walk a lot and end up finding a city’s charm not found in a guidebook.

This was my experience after speaking at Wordcamp San Diego, held at the amazing Liberty Station. Formerly a Naval Training Station, the mixed use space is host to everything from artists’ galleries and studios to a public market (my favorite), Women’s Museum, breweries, event spaces and retail shops. It’s all situated on gorgeous, green grounds with plenty of walkways. In fact it’s so large, it’s split into five different districts.

The Women’s Museum of California engages

A sure highlight is the Women’s Museum of California. Think women’s history + interesting exhibitions, like the recent Chicana activism exhibit, to the upcoming Bakelite jewelry or the Making Waves exhibit, of “Politics and the New Woman.”

My new tee from the Women's Museum
My new tee from the Women’s Museum
An outdoor display at the Women's Museum
An outdoor display at the Women’s Museum

The brainchild of Mary Mashcal, she filled her home with historical documents and posters and lectured on women’s history. Through the years, the museum has grown into this inspiring and unique collection (there are only six women’s museums in the U.S.! Did you even know there was one?!). Don’t forget to buy a cheeky postcard or tee as I did (much by local women artists), tour the museum and get to know a critical part of our history. There are also free movie nights and tours of the city, so be sure to hit their calendar too.

Liberty Public Market: Plan to spend a few hours

The Liberty Public Market tempts with so many food stalls, it’s hard not to regret something you missed. It’s within Liberty Station and definitely delights the senses. I’ll let my photos tell the story but you’ll need to visit to have your own serendipitous experience (hint: bring stretchy pants)…




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